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Our Work and Development

BIONET Corp. was first founded in 1999 and recognized as THE pioneer of cord blood private banking service in Taiwan. As the company gradually evolving the two major categories within modern bio-technology, stem cell therapeutic application and genetic testing, BIONET has successfully created a new era of business model in the industry. There has been a total of eight ground-breaking services initiated as well as introduced onto the market by BIONET to this date, including Cord Blood Banking (known by some as the 1ST generation of stem cell), Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell (the 2nd generation), Dental Pulp Stem Cell (the 3rd generation, respectively), Stem Cell Revitalizer for cosmetology, along with services of early-stage genetic diagnosis for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), serum-based screening for Down Syndrome, and the last but not least, the ultimate Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis. Because of the successful business strategies that have progressively transformed research projects into realistic marketable products, BIONET has developed rapidly from a small firm to a named enterprise enlisted on OTC with over 200 employees, and the outstanding achievement accomplished during the decade was undoubtedly advocated by the finance assessments and reports showing an extraordinary profit record.

BIONET Corp. strongly believes in solid research and sufficient management as the keystone of continuous growth. While being enlisted on Emerging Stock market, the company had been certified for qualification of privileged “High-Tech Company” with recommendation from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. At BIONET we continuously deliver excellent management of operation and finance, with steadily growing profit and zero accumulated loss in three consecutive years. In July 2007, we successfully completed Initial Public Offering (IPO) filing in Taiwan and became the first one ever in the stem cell and genetic industries. In 2008, we formally released convertible bonds for the first time in order to support the new developmental scheme, and subsequently the bonds had been subscribed by many first-rate investment corporations, including Credit Suisse Global, well-known investment companies in U.S, Fubon group, and Les enphants and so forth. These are all clear indications that BIONET Corp. has been ranked as a world-class member of biotechnical industry in the eyes of global capital market.

BIONET Corp. has been awarded frequently for his excellent performance of research and management strategy, remarkably including three top prizes in the industry in less than a decade, and successfully granted for a number of research/development aids by Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. These are all distinct demonstrations that the contribution of BIONET to the industry has been positively acknowledged by the society.

In 2012, BIONET Group’s (TPO:1784) subsidiary, Genetics Generation Advancement Corp. (GGA Corp.), made its initial public offering (TPO:4160) as Taiwan’s first publicly traded company specialized in both genetic testing and scientific informatics, further set a significant milestone on the way to becoming the largest enterprise of cell therapy and genetic engineering in Taiwan.

BIONET has successfully integrated the entire chain of business vertically, beginning with stem cell preservation, processing, and up to clinical applications. At this time we have established three major trends of stem cell with potential for transplantation needs: Cord Blood, Peripheral Blood, and Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC, including dental pulp stem cell). The unparalleled achievement of which has clearly made BIONET as one circumstantial “Cell Therapy” company and obviously distinguished from a group of competitors.

In order to provide for the best service, security, increased business and new technological developments, BIONET has constructed a new headquarters since the bottom of 2007. The completion was done in January 2010, which took NT$ 600 millions and three years of construction. With the completion - it is the most advanced stem-cell research center of Asia. Its function is to coordinate the two research laboratories Neihu, Taipei County and Xinshi Dist, Tainan County and act as a global service center.

In 2014, BIONET stepped into the aesthetic medicine market by developing advanced skin care technology and launching Stem-Activating Complex, aiming to promote the application of Stem Cell technology and share the benefits with the public.
In 2015, Anikine , a post-cosmetic surgery care product derived from BIONET’s own patented technology in Mesenchymal Stem Cell, was developed and launched in dermatology and beauty clinics in Taiwan widely.
In 2016 continues to expand its business internationally through overseas sales channels, seizing the opportunity of cross-border e-commerce.